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These are the list of our Top Catering Partners Currently

Movable Feast

JOSS Catering

GFC Mumbai

Star Anise

Custom Services

We work with you to organize your event , in parts too.

World Cuisine

Cibo works with the best in business and If you want to add a particular cuisine to your home cooked food, we do help.


Cibo Provides complete Bar solutions & helps you procure liquor & required Licenses

Waiting Staff

Should you require just Waiting & Supervising Staff for your events. We Help.

Live Counters

Cibo has a list of vendors willing to provide live counters right from Pani Puri Stall to Fresh Sugarcane Juice Counter

Boxed Lunches

Box Lunches customized & delivered at your Doorstep for large events or picnics.

Buffet Delivery

This is our cost effective option where we arrange for food laid out in large containers or dishes provided by you, is delivered to your doorstep

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Cant Find what you are looking for ? Let us manage your search for the best Caterer & Menu in Town

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